My Father

  • He is my hero…..I have ever heard and read about the hero all over the world. But no one is as brave as him. He is always ready to protect me……
  • He is the person I admire most…..He is not only very talented in his work but also expert in family care……
  • He is my best friend….He is open-minded. Although we are father and daughter, I can discuss everything with him. In some family, there is a communication gap between parents and teenagers. But I didn’t face with this problem. I can trust him as my intimate friend. I can tell him about my dream……
  • He is my best teacher….He didn’t teach me but advise me. He didn’t train me but I’ve got a good-training from him. He never decided instead of me, but he let me know what he want to be…..

I tried to be a good lady, citizen, …….n….All are just because of him. I always keep his words in my heart….That is ” Honey, I and your mother started our life from negative…Now, I’ve tried your life to be in positive situation….so, what would u like to be?? Would u like to have positive, negative or zero situation ? That’s only depend on u….not depend on me…So, ask yourself, try ur best, try to be……”

  • I am his pride…..He is always proud of me. There is a big smile on his face whenever I have success. In my school life, I always try hard for him….
  • I am his clone…..My eyes, my lips, my skin, my behaviour are alike with his. I’m very proud of having same thinkings and hobby with him.
  • I am his heart…..He didn’t express his love by saying “I love you”. But I can feel that I’m in his heart.

Now I’m already 27 and I can stand by myself. But I need him and his words more than last years…..

“Daddy , please give me your love and care more…..I LOVE U SO MUCH !!!!”